Freebowler Cricket Bowling Machine ( Superthrower )

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Freebowler Cricket Bowling Machine ( Superthrower )

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  • Freebowler mimics the movement of a real bowler so batsmen can react accordingly
  • It’s non-electric so it can be used in rural areas and its safer than electric throwers so other bowlers can bowl from the opposite side
  • It’s portable and easy to move
  • Freebowler varies line, length, swing, and speed, with speeds simulating 80-130 KMPH from 22 yards
  • It saves bowlers from injury and gives the batsmen the opportunity to practice like a pro!
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Freebowler “SUPERTHROWER” is the first “non-electric and portable” cricket bowling machine, solving many limitations of the existing ball throwing aids regarding cost, portability, use of machine balls and electricity! It’s an accessible, affordable, and convenient training aid capable of producing line, length, speed, and swing variations with ‘real cricket balls’. The bowling machine technological innovation is directly positioned towards the growth and grassroots development of sports in the inner cities, rural areas and emerging cricketing playing nations to be used as an eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative training aid, especially promising women, and youth. Your biggest wish as a cricketer to own a high-performance bowling machine has finally come true!

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