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Please, Sorry and Thank you..

Please, Sorry and Thank you..

By: -Roopali Slathia (Physical Director, BCCI level -2 Cricket Coach in India)

Can Three Words Change Your Life???

Off course, the most powerful words can change anybodies life.  “Struggle to Ease” “Tough to Smooth” “Distance to Close”

If you start using these three words you can see the change in the other person’s prospective towards you.

A soft pleasing voice with word ‘Thank you’ will appreciate the effort of the person who helps you and for the next time that person will help you with smile.

A ‘Sorry’ with soft expression will show concern to the person you might have hurt unintentionally. We are humans, no one is perfect, we are bound to do mistakes and learn from mistakes.

But it is very difficult to own the responsibility of mistakes. Ego, arrogance doesn’t allow us to own the responsibility.

Saying sorry is a expression of taking responsibility of what we have done wrong. Admitting the mistake that what we did something wrong is the first step towards self improvement. Self improvement starts from realization. Realization of what we have done, it may hurt other person and a simple word can heal the pain and may fill gap between two persons.

“Please, thank you and sorry” are the three words that are the key to living well and in peace both inside and outside the home. they are simple words, much easier to say than to put into practice, but they contain great strength. The strength of protecting the home, even through a thousand difficulties and trials, instead when they are lacking, cracks gradually open up that can even lead it to collapse.

These three words are normally considered as the words of politeness. the golden words of please, thank you and sorry are to be used as much as possible. They must be used in daily life so as to make communication with the person smooth and healthy. These words please, thank you and sorry are golden words because using them add a sense of respect to the person who we are addressing.

Please, thank you and sorry are words that open up the road to a good family life. They are words that stem from a “good education”. We must be uncompromising in teaching gratitude and recognition. A person who does not know how to thank others is one who has forgotten the language of god.

The first word is “Please”

When we take the effort to kindly ask for something that maybe we think in our due, we are really safeguarding the convivial spirit of married and family life. Confidence, in short does not authorize us to take everything for granted and the more intimate and profound love is, the more it demands respect for freedom and the ability to wait for the other to open the door of his or her heart.

The second word is “ Thank you”

Sometimes it occurs to me that we are becoming a society of bad manners and bad words, as if they were a sign of emancipation. Kindness and the ability to thank are seen as a sign of weakness, sometimes they even arouse suspicion. this trend should be opposed in the womb of the same family. We must be uncompromising on teaching gratitude, recognition human dignity and social justice both to pass here. If family life neglects this style, then even social life will lose it.

The third word is “Sorry”

It is a difficult word, certainly yet so necessary. When it is lacking, small cracks widen even unintentionally to become deep trenches. recognition of having erred, and willingness to give back what has been taken away.  Respect, honesty, love makes us worthy of forgiveness. If we are unable to apologize, it means that we are unable to forgive.

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